Monday, June 4, 2007

G marks the spot

Atlantis. Shangri-La. El Dorado. The G-spot.

Which of these mythical locations actually exists? We swear this isn't a trick question.

Some men have spent their entire lives searching for the G-spot only to come up empty handed. Well, no longer has their fumbling and stumbling been in vain.

Thank modern medicine for showing us the way to the land of milk and honey. A new procedure called a G-shot injects collagen into a woman's Grafenberg Spot, which makes the elusive, little pleasure point swell up to the size of a quarter.

Even the most uncoordinated, directionally-challenged guys can find their way with that kind of help.

We'd also like to take this moment to honor Ernst Gräfenberg, a German-born gynecologist who spent his life studying the female orgasm. This man is our hero. This man should have his own national holiday.

To read about one woman's journey into the unknown, check out the Stiletto Diaries. And for those who do better with video instruction, Fleshbot offers a link.

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Goldy said...

I don't know why as a man am so interested in it. Read about it on Becky B's blog before too.