Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Meet Posh, UK's new ho, er, woman of the year

We still haven't decided what we think of Posh, erstwhile Spice Girl, wife of footballer David Beckham, and recently crowned Great Britian's "Woman of the Year."

We've followed Beckham since he made his World Cup debut on England's 1998 squad. We are not gay. We are not gay curious. But if we were, we would think Becks is one juicy slab of prime rib.

Of course, there's another reason, we appreciate Beckham. If there were no Beckham, Bend it like Beckham would never have been made, which means the world might never have known Kiera Knightly. That would have been a tragedy.

But, really, we never paid that much attention to Posh, a.ka. Victoria Beckham, nee Adams. These days, we don't have much choice. Everywhere we turn, there she is.

We find it curious that she shows up at the "Glamour" awards ceremony looking like she just made bail the morning after a Sunset Strip vice sweep.

We know this because we're dedicated readers of Go Fug Yourself. (We can only dream of being as snarky and bitchy as Heather and Jessica, the two bloggers behind the Fug.)

Don't get us wrong. We think Posh is hot, despite her hooker fetish. But WTF is up with her never smiling? It's hard to work up any good lust for a woman who seems so unhappy in her hotness. It's not like we forced her to dress like that.

We'll also admit that we fancied her a wee bit more before she stole Edward Furlong's hairstyle from T-2. (We stole that line from Heather and Jessica).

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