Monday, June 11, 2007

We've been flickr'd

We're a little slow in blogging about Flickr's problems filtering content because, and this is embarrassing, we don't have a Flickr account and we never really browsed it until recently.

Dammit, if we can't get off the site now. Who would have thunk that so many people around the world post pictures of women in bikinis and lingerie?

We're still not sure how to use the site all that well. We know that when we typed "porn" into the search box, 52,458 results were returned but of the 24 pictures returned on the first page, 7 were pictures of food, 5 were artsy landscape photos and 1 was of Ronald McDonald.

Maybe, it's related to how Flickr has been pissing people off lately? Blogger Violet Blue has several posts about her frustrations with Flickr's censors. Violet even got a post devoted to her at Fleshbot.

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