Thursday, June 7, 2007

What a girl wants

A very wise woman once told us, when a lesbian gives you advice on making love to a woman, you best take notes. So, when lesbians put a list together of the top 100 hottest women in the world, we're paying attention.

The ladies at were a little irked last month when Maxim relased their Hot 100 List. It's safe to say what lesbians find sexy in a woman often differs greatly from what your average American horn-dog straight male finds sexy.

A lot of times it's subtle differences. As AfterEllen puts it, the women they find sexiest, are the women they'd like to be. Lindsay Lohan who topped Maxim's list, fell to 79 on the lesbian scale. Eight of the top 10 women on the AfterEllen ranking didn't even make the Maxim list.

Not surprisingly, hotties who are lesbian, bisexual or gay friendly did well on the AfterEllen list. Leisha Hailey, star of Showtime's the L Word, was the top hottie on the lesbian list.

Here's how the fantastic four from each list compares:


Goldy said...

I like After Ellens list better!

T.D. said...

i agree. maxim's list might be good for a one-night stand...but there's no substance there.

Chris C said...

First off, welcome to Humor Blogs, came here through there. Like your site, interesting topics. :)

The one difference between the two lists: the lesbian one is hot girls that have the potential to be lesbians; the male one is women who we HOPE to have the potential to go lesbian.