Thursday, May 31, 2007

Swinging his A-Rod

We wanted to write something funny today but there's no sense faking it. We've just driven 20 hours non-stop across the country and we're typing on fumes. We wanted to write about A-Rod getting busted with his girlie friend. We're sure there's some good material in there: strippers, out-of-town flings, a pissed-off wife. Instead, we're going to post a couple videos, have a sip of Scotch, maybe take a dip in the hot tub, and then it's off to dreamland. [Update: His mistress has a name: Joslyn Morse, a Vegas stripper who supposedly has appeared in Playboy. The nudie pictures of Joslyn are here]

And as long as we're on our little run of sports-related posts, check this one out. If this isn't a sport, it should be.

We play a mean air guitar. Sometimes, we crank up Nirvana and pretend that we're on stage at Redrocks circa 1991(Yeah, we know Nirvana never played there, but this is our fantasy). When we play air guitar, we move our fingers up and down in what we think is a pretty good imitation of an actual musician. We imagine that women watch us play air guitar and think to themselves, "Wow, not only is that guy sexy, he can rock! I want to fuck him." After watching this video, we're pretty sure that air sex is definitely not a good way to show off your love-making skills.

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