Tuesday, June 5, 2007

For the love of the game

Is it wrong to love Lara Croft?

We know it would never work out. She's graceful and acrobatic and can kick your ass 10 different ways to Sunday. She also wears a pair of shorts, tanktop and holsters better than anyone we know. We doubt we're her type but a guy can dream, can't he?

It has been years since we first played Tomb Raider on our old Playstation. Ten years to be exact. We remember how conflicted we were running through the jungle, doing flips while simultaneously drawing down with both barrels on man-eating tigers.

On the one hand, we enjoyed the idea of controlling this sexy killing machine's every move. On the other, we weren't used to being so damn hot. We wanted to rip our clothes off right there in the Amazon.

Anyways, the makers of Tomb Raider are putting out a 10th Anniversary edition of their game. As part of the marketing behind the game's release this week, they assembled most of the models who have posed as Lara Croft at some point. That doesn't include Angelina Jolie, who starred in both movies, or Petra Verkaik, who did a famous strip tease video, or adult website model Aimee Sweet.

Below is our own montage homage to Lara Croft. The six models who have portrayed Lara Croft on behalf of the Tomb Raider gamemaker, Eidos, clockwise from top left: Nell McAndrew, Lucy Clarkson, Lara Weller, Rhona Mitra, Jill De Jong and Karima Adebibe.

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