Thursday, May 24, 2007

Like a virgin, only different

Another news item from the we-really-got-to-lighten-up-and-take-a-joke department.

This time, it's actress Katie Holmes who is gearing up her legal team to go after a wannabee porn starlet named, not so coincidently, Katee Holmes (that's her above).

Holmes, the one not married to our favorite wacky Scientologist, is allegedly an 18-year-old fashion student who claims her virginity is still intact. Shane's World Studios plans to feature her in a porn-ocumentary entitled True Diary: I'm A Virgin.

We use the term allegedly because we don't think any self-respecting fashion student would wear such a ratty skirt.

According to AVN the movie will "follow Holmes' entry into the porn business, from her first girl/girl scenes to choosing the right male partner for her boy/girl debut. The movie begins shooting in two weeks for a projected fall 2007 release. "

The other Holmes, the one we'd actually pay to see in a porno as long as it didn't have anything to do with her husband or eating placentas, was so pissed she immediately decided to give virgin Katee a million dollars in free publicity.

Non-porn Katie isn't exactly a virgin when it comes to onscreen nudity. She took it off in The Gift, a movie we won't even pretend to have seen. Though, we will admit to having googled for the stills. Nice. We like. Here's the non-virgin Katie looking out from what we guess is her glass-enclosed cell, high atop the Scientology tower.

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