Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One way out of a ticket

Sometimes, we fantasize about being a cop. The uniform. The sidearm. The handcuffs. The blow jobs from porn stars.

We just hope we're as quick on our feet as Tennessee Tooper James Randy Moss, who pulled over Barbie Cummings (her real name is Justis Richert) in her pink Honda going 92 in a 70 mph zone.

We probably would have just asked for an autographed photo.

Of course, we're not highly trained police officers.

According to reports, Moss whipped out his nightstick and asked for a little more. Cummings, who lives in Tennessee but commutes to L.A. to shoot her pornos, was more than happy to oblige, especially considering she had some narcotics in her car and some alcohol in the back seat.

In exchange, Moss conveniently tossed the "happy pills," as Cummings describes them on her blog, into the bushes.

You could say trooper and porn star were just extending each other some professional courtesies.

Cummings' wrote about the incident in a May 7 entry on her blog. It was down when we tried to check it out today but thank goodness for Google's cache files.
He kept saying to me, and now I understand why, “are you sure you aren’t hiding anything on your persons?” He asked me that about ten times, and I just thought it was routine.

Well, now I understand what he wanted me to do. So, he asks me about what I do. I tell him internet and movies.

He asks me one of the sites, I tell him to go to my blog(this one). He then proceeds to open his lap top in his car.(I mind you, at this point I am sitting in the front seat of his car with him)

He brings up my blog and we watch two of my video clips. I don’t even know what to do at this point, I thought I was going to jail.

He says to me, while staring at the screen, “this is making me hard.”

Oh dear…

Now, I understand.
Below is a cropped version of a photo that Cummings posted on her site that Moss supposedly snapped during the traffic stop. Be sure to check out the interview with Cummings on the Knoxville News Sentinel's web site.


Sadie said...

I have seen this story a few times now, and each time I am amazed again. Amazed at why he documented his actions with a video. And why he posted the video online, if even only briefly. Talk about alpha-male ego!

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