Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cops: Are these your panties?

When we were kids we used to collect stuff: baseball cards, stamps, rocks, even beer bottles. So, we kinda understand what must have driven a Colorado man who swiped 1,300 pairs of panties, bras and other female undergarments from laundry rooms around Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

At least 11 women have stepped forward to identify their undies but police say they won't get them back until they're finished prosecuting 43-year-old Chih Hsien Wu. Personally, we think that anyone who wants their panties back after this, might be a little stranger than Mr. Wu.

Here at the 500 Pound Gorilla, we urge you to enjoy your fetishes but, please, keep them legal. When we're looking for a nice pair of used boy shorts or a v-string, we turn to Craigslist.

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